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Assembling a team of inclusive artists and technicians, we strive to represent in our creative rooms and on screens, the world we see.

Through our range of programs, we give voice to the voiceless, a platform for them to stand on, and an environment where our creatives are allowed to innovate and define their stories.



Ray of Hope is told from the viewpoint of Sitsabaiesan as well as other affected Tamil families, when they were forced to flee their homes following the outbreak of armed conflict in Sri Lanka in 1983 that culminated in the 2009 Tamil genocide, according to a news release. 


After the tragic loss of his father, 7-year-old Simon turns to his home Artificial Intelligence communicator, to seek answers while his mother Mary-Anne and twin sister Sophie try to readjust to their new reality.


For nearly 2 decades Ryan Singh Productions Ltd has been in the business of creating content for film, television, new media and theatre.

Ray of Hope Documentary

We have dedicated all of our resources over the past year to making this project as authentic and socially meaningful as we can. Although we continue to look for public support, we must show the public why this narrative is significant, why it matters, and why it needs to be shared.

This movie will educate viewers on documenting history, and promote social change. It will also help to draw attention to how Tamil People’s human rights were violated. It is for others to start sharing their own stories, adventures, and ways of finding healing.

We have shot much of the film already and will soon have a rough cut of this important story. We are looking for partners to help us bring it to the big screen. $50k to start with the campaign and then a $50k stretch. For us to trigger public funding we have to demonstrate interest from our community. We have already invested over CAD $200,000 in developing this project. Comparable films have cost USD$600k to USD$2 million to produce and deliver. Help us reach our modest goal!


For nearly 2 decades Ryan Singh Productions Ltd has been in the business of creating content for film, television, new media and theatre.


What PEOPLE Say About RYAN

Ryan Singh is a true Go-getter. From his early days as a talented Toronto based photographer, to his transitioning into the competitive world of videography and then his expansion into the challenging craft of acting, Ryan has always kept his focus on a hard work ethic to achieve his goals. Ryan now has fearlessly taken on in large steps forward to write, create and produce stories that are close to his heart that reflect the times that we are in - to entertain and educate people from all walks of life. Ryan Singh is on the cusp of great things as he now pivots towards the world of producer.
Michasha Armstrong
Actor (Deadpool 2, The Flash, Arrow, X2: X-Men United, etc)
Ryan Singh Productions
I've had the opportunity to work with Ryan on a few occasions over the years and I've been impressed by his development as a Filmmaker and Producer. As a skilled and talented arts professional he rarely disappoints
Independent Entertainment Professional
Ryan Singh Productions
Ryan, A TRUE go-getter and one who more OFTEN THAN MOST sees more Opportunities than the seemingly overwhelming Obstacles of a situation. We have shared in bringing to life several creative projects with Ryan
Instructor - Addiction and Community Work Studies at ABM College